5 most important questions for an aesthetic surgeon before surgery (and 1 for you)

It was never easier and cheaper to get a beautiful face and body than today! More and more men and women decide to do aesthetic surgery. The results of the annual survey of the International Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) published in June 2017 say that the total number of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the world increased by 9% over the last year. The patient's satisfaction with the intervention is high. In the US, a study was conducted that shows that as many as 97% of patients are satisfied with the results of their abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), 98% with blepharoplasty, and 93% with liposuction, for example.

Does this mean that it is of no importance where you perform the aesthetic surgery, and that the only thing important to find out is the price of the intervention?

Dr. Violeta Skorobac Ashanin, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Belgrade, Serbia, after 23 years of experience, says-no! There are many things to consider and research on before you proceed.

Dr Skorobac Ašanin first underlined that aesthetic surgery was not a cosmetic treatment, and that patients were wrong when they were only interested in technical issues such as price, type of anesthesia and when they could return to normal activities. Instead, says the doctor, the patient should ask the doctor the essential questions as to the extent to which the surgeon is experienced in the type of intervention that the patient wants, what are the conditions in which the intervention will be done, and especially what are the possible consequences of the intervention, and how the surgeon will solve them. The goal of all these questions is for the patient to determine, before doing the intervention, whether and how she/he would be satisfied with the results in her/his specific case.

Considering that Dr Skorobać Ašanin underwent several aesthetic surgeries herself, and in her nose surgery, she also went for reoperation, we thought that her list of questions for the surgeon before surgery was more useful for anyone who wants aesthetic surgery.

1. How do you check how much the operation I want is risky for my health?

• Who is the ideal candidate for surgery?

• How will you determine if the surgery I want is risky for my health?

• What preoperative examinations do you plan to do before surgery and what do they tell you about my health?

• What is the overall risk of surgery during and after surgery?

2. How many of these operations, which I am interested in, have you done in your practice in the past year? Can you show me the photos (pre-after) of your patients who have undergone the same procedure?


3. Please explain to me in detail all the risks and possible postoperative complications:

• What scars are left after surgery and how visible are they?

• Will the left and right sides be the same or similar?

• Will the facial and body asymmetries already existing be corrected after intervention or will, on the contrary, remain and why?

• Does the treated region lose the sensation or mobility after the operation?

4. If these complications occur or the result is not satisfactory, how can you solve it?

5. What materials are you using:

• Are they registered in Europe?

• How much are they used in the world and with what success?

• Do they bear any risks to the health or effectiveness of the intervention?

• How long-lasting are they?

According to Dr Skorobać Ašanin, when we get answers to these questions, there is one question that we need to ask ourselves before deciding on aesthetic intervention:

Am I ready, if I do not get a satisfactory or expected aesthetic result, to continue to live with quality?

If you have asked all these questions, and have firmly decided on the operation, you are realistic and confident about your present and future looks, you will be completely satisfied, Dr Skorobać Ašanin thinks, recalling the ancient Greek word from the 3rd century BC -Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Photo: Specialized hospital for aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery Diona Belgrade.