The Agency of the accreditation of healthcare institutions

The accreditation of the healthcare institutions in Serbia is made by the Agency for the accreditation of healthcare institutions, the independent body made from eminent medical professionals. The Director and the Managing Board of the Agency are being elected to the functions by the Government of Serbia.

The accreditation process includes constant self-auditing, which the institution is obliged to make to control and improve its’ work as well as external audits performed by the Agency as the independent body that provides reports to the Ministry of Health.

The Agency is a member of ISQua, The International Society for Quality in Health Care.

ISO standards

Private hospitals in Serbia have also ISO standards, related to quality management.

The Healthcare Council of Serbia

The Healthcare Council of Serbia is an independent body made from 15 most eminent professionals from the field of healthcare protection and insurance. The body is formed by the Parliament of Serbia with the task to follow up, analyze and support healthcare protection and insurance system in healthcare facilities, thus supporting general healthcare in the society. The regular activities supported by the council is Continual Medical Education (CME), where healthcare professionals receive updated information from all areas of medical and pharmaceutical care.

Serbian Medical Chamber

All practicing medical doctors in Serbia are obliged to be members of the Serbian Medical Chamber, independent professional body that was founded in 1901.

Among other professional support, the Chamber is responsible for licensing and de-licensing medical doctors.

Serbian Chamber of Dentists

All Serbian practicing dentists are obliged to be members of the Serbian Chamber of Dentists.

The chamber is responsible for maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards of its members, including issuance and withdrawal of practicing licenses.

Professional Associations

Serbian medical doctors are members of other national, regional and international professional associations and participate in their educational and professional activities.

For example, dentists in Serbia are usually the members of Serbian association of dentists, but the implantologists might also be members of the International TI -International Team for Implantology, EAO - European Association for Osseointegration, ISCD - International Society of Computerized Dentistry and other international associations.

Our offer for every specific medical procedure contains CV of the doctors who will perform the intervention where you will be able to see the exact list of their achievements and accreditations, including memberships of local and international professional associations. 

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