Selection of doctors

In the selection of doctors, our partner clinics use strict credentialing system.


The doctors are accredited for the field of their expertise by local and international scientific bodies and continuously work on their professional and scientific development in order to keep up with the latest trends in healthcare.

National and international medical experience

You could choose the doctor from the range of experts, including professors, academicians and internationally recognized experts who are full-time employees or consultants at the clinic you choose.

You will notice that after studying medicine in Serbia doctors working at our partner clinics gained their expertise also in USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Norway, Austria and other countries.

They are members of relevant national  and international associations and committees, including the internationally recognized research projects and hold high positions at professional bodies.

Teaching and managerial experience

Our doctors have teaching experience as assistant professors and professors at universities in Serbia and the region.

They have managerial experience as heads of wards and directors of clinics.

Consultative approach and availability 24/7

Your doctor will apply consultative approach in your treatment and he/she will be available to you 24/7.

CVs at your disposal

Full CV of your doctor, together with the full statistics of interventions of the same type you need, will be at your disposal during the process.

Example of the information you will receive from the doctor during the process

  • name
  • area of expertise
  • accreditations
  • years of practice
  • license for specific procedures
  • publications
  • number of patients so far
  • membership in international professional associations
  • membership in national professional associations
  • number of procedures performed overall
  • number of specific procedures (procedure same as you requested)
  • success rate in specific procedures (procedure same as you requested)
  • testimonials