The location

Welcome to Serbia!

You are on the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, in the southeast of the old continent, in the central part of the Balkan peninsula. Because Serbia covers part of the Pannonian plain in the north, the country also belongs to central Europe, while due to its southern region, in terms of geography and climate, Serbia is also considered a Mediterranean country.

Serbian neighbors are:
Hungary on the north
Romania and Bulgaria at the east
Macedonia and Albania at the south
Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia at the west

Why Serbian flag has an eagle and the crown?

Because Serbia was a monarchy,and the royal family has relatives among other European current and ex monarchs.

Belgrade, the Serbian capital,lies on the Danube, the waterway connecting western and central European countries with the countries of south-eastern and eastern Europe.

In fact, Serbian capital lies on two rivers, Danube and Sava, which is why it is even more interesting. Belgrade represents a border and a gateway between the east and the west and its brand is unique mixture of cultures throughout its history Belgrade lays on the intersection of European traffic corridors 7 (the Danube) and 10 (road and railway).

There is also a fantastic Serbian cuisine, with traditionaldishes and drinks you can try in the friendly atmosphere of already famous Serbian hospitality.  

What foreigners living in Serbia learn about the Serbs and Serbia, you could find in Fabian’s blog. Fabian is a guy from Netherlands that moved to Serbia in 2014.