Payment methods

Calculating the full cost of medical travel

Whatever path a potential medical tourist takes to get financing, there are a few considerations to consider. The bulk of the expenses would fall on hospital and doctors' fees. However, other factors should be included in their budget such as:

  • Passport costs, including travel visas and other documents if required (for more information go to the section destination requirements)
  • Airfare
  •  Airport pick-up upon arrival and departure
  •  Transport cost from hotel to health provider's clinics or hospitals and vice versa
  •  Hotel accommodation
  •  Food, drinks, and tips
  •  International calls and other correspondence back home
  •  Medication and medical supplies
  •  Aftercare costs
  •  Insurance (we strongly recommend and assist you for medical travel insurance)
  •  Cost of tour packages

In the planning and preparation stage we will guide you professionally trough your itinerary and treatment plan. By preparing checklist we will provide to you a picture of the total cost of the medical procedure in Serbia and help you to compare those cost with the cost of the same procedure in your home country and help you to make informed decision.


Most of our medical institution partners requires 50% of the quoted price to be paid in advance once the contract is signed between you and institution directly. However, it is solely the policy of the institution THAT HAS TO BE STATED IN QUOTATION. By that way we support transparency and your informed decision.

Agency fee

Our agency service is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE once you sign the contract with the institution and whole process of medical travel to Serbia is realized. In the moment of the signing the contract between you and our agency EUR 100 processing fee is required as deposit.
However, this deposit will be returned to you once you complete your medical stay in Serbia. This will be clearly stated in your contract with us.
In case of your withdrawal from the process after signing the contract with our agency (this step follows after quotations and Skype call with the chosen doctor)  our agency will keep  deposit as processing fee to cover operating costs.

Possible extra expenses

In the final quotation we guarantee no hidden costs for travel, accommodation, amenities, and touristic tours based on your request and agreed itinerary plan. 

In the quotation, we will provide to you the average cost of the procedure by surgeons and facility based on inputs from our medical institutions providers. While in the perfect life everything will be settled as planned, in the real life every medical procedure bear some risks. Consequently medical procedure cost can vary based on the occurrence of possible complications.
To minimise this level of uncertainty in our processes we require medical documentation history to be sent to institutions, Skype call between you and selected doctor as well as Skype call between your home doctor and selected doctor in Serbia if possible, before the trip.
We also require from the institutions we cooperate with to clearly state possible complications and risks in the inquiry stage (quotation) so you can be aware of the possible risks and make informed decision. In the same time according to our contract with institutions, every partner has to clearly state in quotation stage benefits and discounts that will be fully transferred to you if complications occur.

We recommend and assist you to provide medical travel insurance before your trip.

You can expect to give imprint of your credit/debit card to medical institution in case of extra expenses and to touristic agency for hotel reservation before the medical trip.

Cancelation and refund policy

In case of cancelation we try to achieve with our network partners that only the cost that has been made till the moment of cancelation will be charged to our clients. However, the cancelation and refund policy is the solely responsibility of the institutions in our network and can vary depending on the moment when the cancelation occurs. To help you to make informed decision cancelation and refund policy is clearly stated by every institution/ touristic agency/ hotel in planning and preparation stage in written (quotation).

Payment methods

Common methods of payment to our partners are via credit/debit cards and bank transfer. The most accepted credit cards are Visa and Master card. Some cash payments are possible for concierge services and day touristic tours. Cash limit in the moment of entrance or exit of Serbia is EUR 10,000. in case of having the cash above the limit in those moments find more about the process in section destination requirements.
During the planning and preparation stage you will get the clear instructions for bank/wire transfer and due payment dates.


  • In case of payment by credit card call your bank to inform them that they will be making a large payment transaction abroad and extend the limit if exists timely.
  • Be aware that some banks charge fees for out of country credit card charges
  • Ask the bank about provision for money wire transfer abroad so you can have a clear picture about your total costs.