Professional standards

One stop shop at no additional cost

We connect you with the premium quality medical, travel and concierge services in Serbia, based on your needs and preferences, and by the same prices you would pay individually for these services.

Our service is

  • fully confidential and personalized
  • complete in terms of logistics, monitoring and assistance to international patients  

High standards and transparency of work

We choose our networking partners through transparent inclusion standards that provide peace of mind for you. On top of the most important tasks for us is to arrange your medical visit to Serbia upon your choice with the most successful outcome and we, together with our partners, pay attention to every detail to deliver unique customer service and experience to you. 

We use well developed protocols and procedures to cover every step in our interaction with you, from the first contact to post-care.

We are transparent in everything we do, and you can be assured there would be no hidden costs.

Responsiveness to your need

We are agency from Serbia so we react immediately upon your feedback to us, both in the planning and pre-travel basis, as well as during your stay and in post-care.