Quality of medical service

Long history of medical practice and well trained doctors and nurses 

Serbia is European country with long history of practicing medicine. It started in Serbian monastery Chilandar in 12th century.

The Serbian healthcare system is well developed and dominated by large number of medical specialists (doctors who specialized in specific therapeutic areas like cardiology, pulmonology, surgery etc), educated in Serbia and abroad (EU and US) based on the latest medical and scientific knowledge and practice.

Modern and well equipped private healthcare institutions

Although Serbia was a communist country after the WWII, private healthcare system exists for more than 40 years. Now Serbia has well developed private healthcare network of over 4500 private institutions and over 10000 practicing doctors.

Strict standards and regulations

National regulations for health care institutions and health care professionals are very strict, especially when it comes to private health care system.

Medical tourism experience

Serbia is country with large diaspora. Serbs living abroad tend to come to Serbia for medical treatments, due to quality of service and lowcosts. Their non-Serbian friends and relatives are often attracted by good results of these medical travels, so Serbia with years becomes more and more popular as a medical tourism destination. 


Serbia is safe country from both the environmental and political perspective. 

Low prices and total cost

Serbia is the most preferable destination for your health traveling terms of total cost (intervention, travel, accommodation, and other travel and touristic related expenses).

Proximity to main European cities

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is well connected with frequent direct flights to all main European cities, thanks to several international airline companies and the domestic one Air Serbia (in ownership of Etihad Airways) with very affordable flight prices. Second largest city in Serbia, Niš, with 2.5 h car distance from Belgrade, offers also the opportunity for flights by low cost companies. 

Nice things to see and sense

Serbia can offer a lot to a tourist. Attractive destinations with rich blend of history, architecture, culture and entertainment including but not limited to  UNESCO World Heritage sites, archaeological sitesmedieval monasteries, national parks, nature parks, protected landscapes, mountain resorts etc…

There is also a fantastic Serbian cuisine, with traditionaldishes and drinks you can try in the friendly atmosphere of already famous Serbian hospitality.  

What foreigners living in Serbia learn about the Serbs and Serbia, you could find in Fabian’s blog. Fabian is a guy from Netherlands that moved to Serbia in 2014.