What we do


  • Facilitate that your medical history, relevant for the intervention you need, is forwarded in full compliance with the local data protection regulations, to several possible providers of the medical intervention
  • Facilitate that you obtain, from several providers of the medical intervention, full provider assessment of your medical case, together with the detailed offer.  The facilitated offer contains many details thus enabling you to make fully informed decision about the provider of the medical service you need, like:
    • all information about the hospital experience with similar interventions, including success rates
    • CVs of the doctors and nurses involved, with emphasis on their experience in similar interventions
    • Calendar showing when the intervention could take place
    • Possible risks of the intervention and related mitigation policies
    • Hospital policies in case of the complications, or need for longer hospitalization
    • Availability of doctors for your questions before and during the visit
  • In cooperation with our local partner agencies we will arrange for you before and during your stay with 
    • Scheduling of medical appointments, after care, etc;
    • Organizing flights, ground transportation and hotel/recovery center accommodation
    • Organizing translation services if needed (doctors working at our partner clinics speak English and in some cases other languages as well, but translation could be organized based on the need and preference)
    • Addressing immediately any kind of issue during the process
    • Offering many possibilities to spend your leisure moments while visiting Serbia, making your stay a successful, safe and warm experience
    • Assisting with your companion’s meals and accommodation