Why do you need a professional to arrange your medical visit back home in Serbia?

Now it is again the time before your vacation and you are planning to spend it in your home country, Serbia. You are planning how to spend the time, whom to visit, what to do, but also you want to fix your perfect smile, or check your health… or your health condition requires something more complex. That means it is the perfect opportunity to go to the doctors’.

The reasons:

• You are partially or not covered at all by insurance for the intervention you need in the residence country and payment out of the pocket is sky high

• There is a long waiting list for the procedure you need in the residence country

• You trust more doctors in your home country

• You are more culturally satisfied with the service in your home country

• Your needed intervention is allowed at home country but is not legal in your country of residence

How are you searching for the right doctor though?

• You are searching for the solution of your problem alone

• You are asking your friends and relatives for recommendation and treatment scheduling

• You combine those two

At the end is it happening that you ask yourself the following:

Did I get the best possible doctor?

Could I have the better outcome?

Did I get the best cost for the treatment?

What if something goes wrong when I come back in the residence country?

To be sure and have answers to those questions you need much information to make the best (informed) decision that would lead to the positive outcome and your satisfaction.

What do I need to make an informed choice of doctor/clinic?

Only more offers for the intervention you need can lead you to quality decision, or at least one offer that can match your needs in the following aspects:

Quality: Doctor’s CVs and the success rate of the clinics and the doctor for the same intervention you need, clinic equipment.

Safety: Clinics’ and doctors’ accreditation, staffing (i.e. number of nurses per patient on the floor), availability of personal assistant, availability of clinics’ and doctors’ liability insurance, legal protection/contract etc.

Planning the total cost: price comparison offered by different doctors/clinics, specification of the costs as well as what can influence the final cost of the intervention.

Payment policy by clinic-Deposit: Do you have to pay something in advance (and what % of the estimated cost) to reserve the place; methods of payment (cash, credit card, bank transfer).

Contact with the doctor before your arrival: discussion and medical documentation exchange. This can contribute significantly for better planning, time and money savings as well as better prediction about intervention cost.

Customer service: Availability of the doctor 24/7 during visit, medical documentation translation, possibility for contact after you come back to country of residence, concierge service on the clinic (if applicable), contact with your physician in your residence country if needed, support during the stay etc.

Cancellation policy: What amount of deposit is recharged if you cancel your appointment before or during the visit (if deposit is required)?

Policy in case of adverse events: If something went wrong does clinic offer free of charge re -intervention, free prolonged stay in hospital, compensation of damage?

Looks complex, who can provide this information to me?

All above are some of the most important points we may take care of for you. On top of those services, other complement services like wellness, tourist sightseeing or other could be arranged and added to your final treatment and itinerary plan.

Yes, it is possible in Serbia, and it is free of charge for clients

Good news for you. Our agency in Serbia implements all those standards for you.

Please check http://www.checkinhealth.eu/sr/how-we-do-it.html

Photo: Bel Medic Belgrade